Objects described to Giorgos, Bernhard, Ekaterini & Marietta, Dzintars, Normunds, Viktors, Mattias, Sara, Bert, Shahar, Saara, Joonas and Timo

Solo exhibition at HAM gallery, Helsinki, 2017

Conversation with Andreas Nilsson.

Cotton tablecloth by Ekaterini & Marietta hosting a glass bowl by Joonas Laakso / Lasismi (Riihimaki, 2017), ceramic object by Normunds Langis (Riga, 2015), presented on a projector plinth.

Wooden object by Mattias Pedersen (Copenhagen, 2016)
Stone object by Dzintars Gailis (Riga, 2015) inside a plastic container.

Two iron brackets by Timo Miettinen / Viikin paja (Helsinki, 2017) hosting an instrument by Bert van Bommel (Rotterdam, 2017)

Oak object by Shahar Yabo (Copenhagen, 2017)

A marble object by Giorgos Agallou (Tinos, 2015) inside a plastic container.

Sterling 925 silver object by Sara Robertsson (Malmo, 2016) inside a plywood plexi plinth build by Mikko Kuorinki.

Birch and willow object by Viktors Ozols (Riga, 2015)

Ceramic statue by Bernhard Aicher
(Tinos, 2015) on top of a custom made shipping crate.

A handpainted silk garment by Saara Lepokorpi (Helsinki, 2017) installed on prepared metal shelf.

Posters of Event described which took place at Atelierhaus E-Werk in March 2017, Freiburg. The text served as the instructions for the event. Drawing found from a leaflet.

Photos: Maija Toivanen