Text by Miina Hujala


Fabrics of two guest mattresses mounted on wooden frames, placed leaning against wall.

One of the fluorescents lights on the ceiling covered with bright yellow film.

A small unopened post package left in the corner.

Placed on the floor on the top of a light green folder two A4 laser copied pages from Fanny Howe’s book Night Philosophy (Divided Publishing, 2020) – showing the cover and the collections first text End-Song.


Guest mattress moved around, the one on the right turned the other way around.

The small post package opened and a ceramic vessel it contained was placed on the corner.
The object was titled at Ebay classifieds as “SMALL VINTAGE ANTIQUE SPIRIT MEASURE BIRD FEEDER c1910”.

Dried agave leave was left on the floor.

An empty spaghetti box that was used to transport the agave leave, left on top of one of the electricity cabins.

Near the window, the opened folder hosting two laser copied papers was replaced with a thinner light blue folder. Two new papers were placed on top of the old ones. New copies showed the cover of J.H. Prynnes Poems (Bloodaxe Books, 2015) and a fragment of a poem Word Order (1989).

The bright yellow film covering one of the ceilings fluorescent lights was changed to “straw” coloured film. The other 3 fluorescent lights were turned off.

One minute of ambiance sounds were recorder inside Alkovi, other minute on the outside.


Four more dried agave leaves added to the floor.

One of the fluorescent lights covered with “straw” film and turned on.

Spaghetti box removed out of sight.

Ceramic vessel removed out of sight.

Guest mattresses turned on their side, placed leaning against the wall on top of each other.

Lightblue folder closed and a thin paper cup, taken from a shopping mall in Seoul in 2013, placed on top of it. The cup is filled with liquid chlorophyll.


“Straw” film from fluorescent lights taken off. “Pale rose” film added on the fluorescent lights on the left and right, leaving the two middle lights without film – but keeping them lit.

Attached to one of the fluorescent lamps a plastic pearl decoration.

The paper cup with chlorophyll taken off, it had leaked partly onto the light blue folder and onto the papers. Moved the location of the folder. Folded the papers so no writing can be seen on the prints.

Two more dried agave leaves added, now there’s seven in total. Scattered around the space.

One minute recording made of playing the agave leaves in the space.

One minute recording made of 339hz sine wave played from a mobile phone quietly in the space.

A pile of folded fabrics, four shirts, 3 hospital shirts (yellow with pattern, plain gray, plain brown) and one soccer team jersey (black and white) and one patterned handkerchief various stains on it added on the floor.

Gold glittery nail art hand rest pillow added on the floor, it hosts two metal bells on top of it.


Four of the agave leaves taken out of sight.

A gray plastic box filled with 5kg of beeswax laid on the floor.

Added a plastic 5l water keg with water treated with alfaalfa seeds.

Changed the folder composition.

Moved nail art pillow + bells and the pile of fabrics to the corner.


Large piece of dark yellow cotton fabric, treated with weather proofing wax, added on the floor.

Agave leaves moved to one corner.

Fabric pile moved to the other corner.

The gray plastic box with beeswax moved to the corner.

Alfaalfa water keg moved to the corner.

Added a piece of cotton handkerchief with a dried beetroot on top of it to the corner.

One of the fluorescent lights without the film turned off.

An archery glove (“Kyudo Shitagake”) placed on to the floor.

A laser copy of a photograph depicting a lost glove on the street, balanced partly upright placed on top of blue folder.

A light green folder with some papers and photographs placed partly on top of the blue folder.

4 thin carbon rods, knotted together, leaning against the wall.

A glass eye rinse cup placed on top of one of the boxes covering electric sockets.

A piano loop originally made in mid-90’s with a Fast Tracker program was played thru mobile phone speakers and recorded inside the space.


Materials moved around.

Jani Purhonen visited and played “t.mp3” file (app. from 2002) thru his phone. Extra resonance was created with a bubblegum bag covering the phone. Jani also played squeaks from a leather jacket.


Materials moved around.

Appu Jasu played inside the space: highly carbonated mineral water in a light blue glass, cello bow, rosin, rock, both.mp3 sound file played with a smartphone, microphone wind cover (artificial fur) over the smartphone.


Materials taken out of sight, under the floorboards.

A lightbox with intact protective film spaced on the floor of the space.

The “Pale Rose” filters from fluorescent lights changed into “Half Plus Green” filter.

Beeswax that was inside the plastic box, was taken out and placed to lean against the wall.

Waxed yellow fabric was folded, covering some materials inside it.


Rasmus Östling recorded inside the space. “2 x 12 pcs. 12 second room sounds. Door both open and closed.”


J Koho played sounds inside the space: digital synthesis / resonating glass surfaces / vibrating air and
the reflections of the space

Materials moved around.


Fabrics of two guest mattresses which are mounted on wooden frames, hanged on to the wall of the space.

Light brown wax canvas fabric placed on top of a yellow cotton canvas.

Agave leaves were placed on top of the lightbox.


Marja Ahti recorded inside the space: Five recordings of structure-born sound in metal window frames and switchboards chronologically sequenced with slight crossfade.


Prints of images depicting a cross section of San Pedro cacti spread inside the space.


Liquid clorophyll poured on top of the lightbox.

More images of San Pedro spread into the space. Two of the images placed on top of the mattress fabrics.

Thank you for the documentation photos: Miina Hujala, Niina Tervo, Tatu Gustafsson, Elina Vainio, Laura Cemin, Vincent Roumagnac, Maija Luutonen, Jessie Bullivant, Markus Åström