To heal a healing machine

To heal a healing machine -installation at Parantola -exhibition at Paimio sanatorium, July 2016. Curated and organised by Titanik. Collaboration with Ido Radon

Installation at the heat and water distribution center (inaccessible to viewers).

Materials: Primavera Clean Air & Rock Rose extract, four ionic air purifiers, aluminium, yarrow, clear pine, zip ties, aqua glass rod, pine needles, lemon, acrylic pipe, cork, copper, fresh sage, dried white sage, meteorite, optical fiber cabel, liquid chlorophyll, silicone, nacre, pink noise generator (placed in the defunct chimney pipe)

heat and water distribution center treated with drops of
primavera clean air
& rock rose extract

planted around the space activated charcoal, sea salt, fresh sage, lemon, tourmaline

four ionic air purifiers have been plugged in

acrylic pipe with cork and copper insulation hosts white sage, meteorite and optical fiber cabel

two copper pipes are connected together with a plastic hose filled with liquid chlorophyll

dried white sage is scattered on top of a thin silicone sheet

carved clear pine hosts yarrow
carved clear pine hosts light blue glass rod two inverted shadows dwell in the corners pendant 1 accommodates white sage, nacre pendant 2 accommodates pine needles pendant 3 accommodates yarrow

pink noise generator
and a speaker placed
in the defunct chimney pipe