Tulip Antenna

Tulip Antenna, 2022
collaboration with Marja Ahti at K17, Sipoo

Materials: unheated building, tactile transducer speakers, pinewood plank, oakwood plank, pinewood plank, birch plywood, cork, flowers, stones, radishes, eye rinse cup, coloured fabrics, cotton handkerchiefs, copper pipe, cotton fabric treated with wax, tactile transducer speakers, beeswax, copper, bird feeding cup, flower, bitumen, hydrozincite crystal, metal bell, linen, paper, glass jar with rainwater and nicotine residue, beeswax, copper, found paper cup, contact lens package, chestnut, plastic envelope, decorative bell, heating carpet, pinewood plank, handmade antenna, copper, pine cone, honing stones, foam, towel,

Recordings: water between hotplate and kettle, crackling in the outer wall of the K17 building, treated recording of an organ built by Sholto Dobie, breath in plastic shakuhachi flute, breath in broken trumpet, slow variations on piano of Erik Satie’s “Ce que dit la petite princesse des tulipes”

Notes for the Shy by Anna Tomi