Håndens og hjernens arbejde

Håndens og hjernens arbejde -exhibition with Kate Morell at Bladr, Copenhagen, 2019.
Curated by Lodret Vandret.

Night out side, lightbox, 120 cm x 60 cm x 5 cm, 2019.
Constantly turned on throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Contact study, 36 page A6 laser printed publication, edition: 60, 2019. PDF
Printed by KLD repro.

Reading event with intro Dies Irae by International Harvester (1968) and outro Individual Barking Tree Frog from Sounds of North American Frogs (Folkways, 1958).

Idiootin Reitti, 20 minute audio cassette with synthetiziser music, 2019.
Released by Paitapes (PAI TP19) in edition of 50 copies.

Photos: Johan Rosenmunthe