Seventeeth Century -group exhibition at Autarkia, Vilnius.

Exhibition with Kate Morell at Bladr. Curated by Lodret Vandret.

Exhibition / event at INCA, Portland.



CORAL -solo exhibition at Titanik, Turku, November 2018.

Residency at Hordaland Kunstsenter. Bergen, July - August 2018.

Objects described to Giorgos, Bernhard, Ekaterini & Marietta, Dzintars, Normunds, Viktors, Mattias, Sara, Bert, Shahar, Saara, Joonas and Timo -solo exhibition at HAM gallery. Helsinki, October 2017.

Residency at Fabrikken. Copenhagen, April - June 2017.

No Space for a Piano -exhibition with Martijn in' t Veld & Mathijs van Geest at Peach. Rotterdam, April 2017.

Leg Sleep Drop Deep -solo exhibition at SIC, Helsinki, March 2017.

Event described at foteXolutions Freiburg, March 2017.

I like to stare at things that cannot be read. Only in that way can the present be remembered. I need a menu to wash my car. -solo exhibition, Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen, 2016. Curated by Andreas Nilsson.
Photo: Kevin Malcolm